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about us

about us

Does your business include the development of innovative analytical field?

Are you researching LIB (lithium-ion batteries)?

Then we are the appropriate partner for you.


PDC TECH offers analytical sub-instruments and services for XRD/XRF to academics and professionals who conduct high quality research at the leading edge of knowledge. Our combination of mechanical and analytical expertise has created a unique environment for producing test equipment of the highest quality. 

PDC TECH was founded by Jake Choi. Jake is a distinguished mechanical engineer with 20 years of experience and is responsible for product designs. He has a experience in designing of vacuum instruments and he also has gained over 10 years of extensive research experience as an process working.

We engineer and manufacture products for researchers in academia as well as professionals in industry. Our main focus is on LIB(Lithium Ion Battery), but we also design test equipment for other material technologies. We can customize our devices and tools according to your individual purpose and create solutions for specific experiments.

Our close collaboration with leading battery researchers and XRD/XRF  researchers enables us to continuously advance and optimize our products and services. Based on this intense exchange, the diversity of test equipment addressing many different needs keeps increasing.

Besides the hardware, PDC TECH also provides a wide range of services. Our professional research laboratory is equipped with several test cells, and tools to run different experiments. With this equipment, we are able to operate at the high standards needed in academia and industry.

Moreover, PDC TECH holds seminars and training to support researchers and professionals in effectively utilizing our products and for achieving optimal results from their experiments.

TEL. 82-11-9539-3615
Adr:41, Bupyeong-ro, Bupyeong-ri,
Jinjeop-eup, Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea 12022

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